This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you have the distinctions to create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code 5BODIESx.00 to log your Matrix Points earned at this website on Login at StartOver.xyz.

    Thank you for playing full out!

  • Experiential Reality


    Being born into a family culturally restricted to their thoughts and ideas,

    Going to school where the ultimate goal is to have The Right Answer,

    Being cut off from imagination, intuition, dreams,

    Being hypnotized by TV shows, YouTube videos, and advertisements shouting the name of their products,

    Being surrounded by a culture that godefies numbers ...


    ... we found ourselves crunched up in the little tiny world of Verbal Reality

    that is: our mind, that is in Possibility Management terminology: our Box,

    Modern culture lives in its mind

    You ~ as a player of modern culture ~ have been taught to live in your mind


    Our mind is a dead mechanical structure

    that protects everything it thinks it knows, not knowing is the death of the mind

    that reacts to stimulus the way that is the most prone to survival

    (playing small, being a victim, being jealous, knowing everything, ...)

    that limits our experience of reality to Verbal Reality

    The mind is called The Box is Possibility Management


    Experiencing Life and the World through the Box

    leaves out 4 others bodies of the experience

    We have 5 bodies: an physical, an intellectual, an emotional, an energetic and an archetypal body

    and each of them has an experience of everything that is happening


    The offer is to shift from Verbal Reality to Experiential Reality by raising awareness of your 5 bodies in

    what you they can experience and create


    1. Being awareness of your 5 bodies (food, pain, liquid states)

    2. Feeding Your 5 Bodies with Edgework experiments

    3. Creating Intimacy in each of the 5 bodies

    4. Going of 5 body intimacy journey

  • Our 5 Bodies

    And it's food, pain and ecstasy.

    Find the 5 body liquid states at the Liquid State Bubble.

    Physical Body

    Physical food is vegetables, grains, proteins, water, air, sunlight, vitamins, minerals, or physical contact.


    Physical pain is hitting your finger with a hammer, having a fever, or being hungry.


    Physical ecstasy is sitting at a cozy café sipping latte macchiato while gazing at golden leaves on a bright crisp autumn morning.

    Intellectual Body

    Intellectual food is ideas, a good book, visiting an art exhibition, entertainment, information, instructions, or explanations.


    Intellectual pain is losing your keys, confusion, or doubt.


    Intellectual ecstasy is finding the keys again, solving a problem, gaining clarity, or inspiration.

    Emotional Body

    Emotional food is communicating about feelings, appreciating and being appreciated.


    Emotional pain is holding feelings in, being rejected, or mixing feelings together such as with depression or jealousy.


    Emotional ecstasy is reasonless joy about responsibly using the wisdom and power of feelings to serve others.

    Energetic Body

    Energetic food is certain books and teachings, being in the presence of transitions such as birth, death or transformation, or the experience of being-with.


    Energetic pain is existential angst, not connecting to destiny, or the illusion of separation.


    Energetic ecstasy is accepting what is as it is, realization, insight, joy in groundlessness, selfless service.

    Archetypal Body

    Archetypal food is being in the space of Archetypal Love, of Bright Principles doing the work, countenance.


    Archetypal pain is the state of 99% of the population: not be connected with your archetypal lineage and your service.


    Archetypal ecstasy is running the project serving your archetypal lineage, taking a stand for the stand that you take, shifting identity into an Archetypal character, forming a team of superhero.

  • Feeding Your 5 Bodies Consciously

    Modern culture is mostly interested in our mind - it is interested that we are intelligent, have good grades, a good job, etc ... and slightly in our physical body - that we are healthy enough to work, to eat what they produce and not healthy enough that we also use pharmaceutical pills, go to the gym and do yoga.


    We are not trained in being aware of our 5 bodies and what they are hungry for. The practices here are to grow awareness of your other 5 bodies and their needs and wants to feed them accordingly.


    Not feeding your 5 bodies consciously results in expecting your partner (either professional or personal) to feed them for you. In an adult relationship, each participant creates possibility to feed their 5 bodies which might or might not include their partner. Expecting your partner to feed your 5 bodies comes from a child ego state, a state where someone outside of you (an authority figure - mom or dad) will take care of you.

    In an adult relationship, your partner is not your mom or your dad, they are co-experimenters in the creation of Love.


    A big hint: your partner will never be able to fill the bottomless hole created in your 5 bodies during your childhood that longs for attention, love, care, and kindness that your parents were not able to give to you.


    The practice is then to take responsibility to feed generously your 5 bodies. Then when you meet your partner, you are a healthy adult wanting to create a deeper level of intimacy, not fulfill your childhood needs.

    Awareness of your Emotional Body.

    Your emotional body is made out of a heart. Our heart feel feelings and emotions.

    The awareness of our emotional body grows with the awareness and use of our the experiential distinction of our 4 Feelings and the 4 kinds of emotions.


    Awareness of your Energetic Body.

    Your energetic body is made out of our energy field. Sentient beings are dissipative structures, meaning we are sustained by the energies that flows through us. Our energy field is our will, our presence, our commitment, our intention, our purpose.

    The awareness of our energetic grows with the awareness of our purposes (see Holding Space), our commitments (Become Committed), our intentions, and our presence (Being Present) in experiential reality (Experiential Reality).


    Awareness of your Intellectual Body.

    Your intellectual body is made out a mind. A mind is made out of thoughtmaps and thoughtware, beliefs and so on. A mind has ideas, opinions, thoughts, make assumptions, conclusions, creates expectations, make up stories, ...

    Awareness of your Intellectual Body starts when you inquire about the thoughtware that you use (Rapid Learning, especially the vacuum rapid learning).


    Awareness of your Physical Body.

    Your physical body is made out of organs, skin, blood, lymph, etc... Yes, your organs need to be feed physical food, minerals and vitamins for them to work properly. Your physical body also need touch. We have not receive enough healthy touch when we were children. Not enough hugs, squeeze, hand holding, hair stroking, lying in bed with a bunch of other kids, pilling up to watch movies, etc... We have to learn to be touched and touch again for the health of our physical body.

    Our physical body has also been abused, we have to learn to say "No" and "Stop" to the people who want to abuse us.


    Awareness of our Archetypal Body.

    From our experience, we grow our awareness of our archetypal body when the four other bodies - intellectual, physical, emotional and energetic - get more in balance. It might take up to 2 years of daily practice of growing awareness of your 4 other bodies before your have enough matrix to start becoming aware of your archetypal body.

    Our archetypal body is the thing that allows us to travel and journey to archetypal level.

    Awareness of the Archetypal Body starts when for example, when you notice Archetypal Love or Winning Happening in a space, when you notice countenance with a partner.

    Which Body is Hungry? (5BODIESx.01)

    Do this experiment when you are hungry. Often we experience physical hunger but really it is our 4 other bodies that are hungry trying desperately to let us know that they have not been fed (ever).


    Sit down on the floor and find 5 small object and place them on the floor in front of you.

    Each object represents one of your 5 bodies: intellectual, physical, emotional, energetic, archetypal.


    Assume that they are all hungry.


    You: Hello Physical Body, what are you hungry for?

    Physical Body: "I am hungry for a bike ride in the forest surrounded by trees, bird and animals". or

    "I am hungry for sitting at a campfire with strangers telling stories about who they have been". or

    "I am hungry for a hug".

    You: "Thank you Physical Body. How would you want to do that?"


    You: Hello Intellectual Body, what are you hungry for?

    Intellectual Body: "I am hungry for reading a great science fiction book". or

    "I am hungry watching a documentary about Archearchal Economics". or

    "I am hungry for sharing with someone some consideration I had today about the story that I am stuck in. I want to share it with another consciousness".

    You: "Thank you Intellectual Body. How would you want to do that?"


    You: Hello Emotional Body, what are you hungry for?

    Emotional Body: "I am hungry to grieve the loss of 200 species per year". or

    "I am hungry to express my raging anger about the patriarchal men trying to abuse women as their regular game". or

    "I am hungry for celebrating my joy that I am alive".

    You: "Thank you Emotional Body. How would you want to do that?"


    You: Hello Energetic Body, what are you hungry for?

    Energetic Body: "I am hungry to have be with somebody's being in vulnerability without judgment or opinions about what should happen". or

    "I am hungry to find what I committed to in life really". or

    "I am hungry to take a leap and discover what lies beyond the view of myself".

    You: "Thank you Energetic Body. How would you want to do that?"


    You: Hello Archetypal Body, what are you hungry for?

    Archetypal Body: "I am hungry to be put to use and get jobs done for the benefit of myself and others". or

    "I am hungry to find a partner with whom I can create the gameworld I want to play in". or

    "I am hungry be my Bright Principles in the world".

    You: "Thank you Archetypal Body. How would you want to do that?"


    Being aware of what your bodies are hungry tells you what you have not been feeding them, it tells you where you are and also what you can do about it.

    Consciously Feed Each Body (5BODIESx.02)

    Call up a Possibility Manager from your Possibility Team and tell them:

    "Please give me possibilities how to feed this particular body in this or that particular way?"

    Pick 3 possibilities they gave you and commit to do them during the following week.

    Report during your next Possibility Team.


    You can also feed your 5 bodies with the list of EGDEWORK BODY EXPERIMENT listed below.

  • 2. Edgework Experiment


    Physical Body: Eat Vegetables and Rice at Breakfast Instead of Bread or Cereals (5BODIESx.03)

    Physical Edgework Experiments includes diversifying the food you eat.

    Doing any experiment expands your Box. Because in addition to filter everything that you can express and experience, your Box shapes the way the Universe relates to you. The opportunities that the Universe will give you depend on the shape of your Box.

    For example, if you have it wired in your Box that you cannot eat spicy food or rice and vegetables for breakfast then the Universe cannot send you to Asia for your next evolutionary or intimacy experiment.

    When you eat Vegetable and Rice for breakfast, you tell the Universe: "I can live outside of my culture and eat something different for breakfast". The Universe takes notes.


    Next week, for 7 days, eat rice and vegetable for each breakfast.

    Notice how your body reacts to the change of diet.

    Notice how your mind reacts to the change of diet.

    Physical Body: Learn How To Juggle (5BODIESx.04)

    Engaging new physical skills is edgework experiments.

    We have been wounded in school and some of us (most of us) hold the story that we cannot learn or if we try we will fail. Prove to yourself that your physical body can learn a new skills: learn to juggle.

    Take your time but practice, at least 3 times a week.

    Take a video of yourself at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.

    If you already know how to juggle, learn to shoot bow and arrow or throw knives.

    Physical Body: Grow Your Own Food (5BODIESx.05)

    Learn to grow your own food. For thousands of years, we have grown our own food. Today, most of us cannot say what a tomato plant looks life. We cannot name ten different trees that grows eatable fruits.

    Someone told us in a training that one day his son ask: "Why are they always cows on cartons of milk?" That says a lot about our separatist culture...


    Growing Your Own Food is also an act of revolution. You are proving to yourself that you can live without Civilization providing supermarket food and bottled water.



    1. If you have an apartment, learn to grow herbs and learn to sprout seeds.

    2. Buy perennial seeds (recommended even if the website is in French - Kokopelli) or exchange your see at seed banks to start to grown your own food.

    Physical Body: Learn to Be Touched (At Your Own Pace) (5BODIESx.06)

    For most of us, we have been either touched deprived or touched abused at children. Parents and teachers afraid of their own vulnerability often dismissed nonchalantly hugs, kisses, and embraces from their own children. For the rest of us, mostly we have been touched as children without our consent no been able to stay 'Stop'. (Have you ever touched a child without asking its permission verbally or silently? You might want to starting noticing what you are doing around them). Those abuses are stored in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

    Learning how to be touched and say exactly how you want it, when you want it, this is too much, not enough, here and not here is part of taking responsibility for feeding your physical body.


    1. Ask for three hugs this weeks, make them last more than 10 seconds.

    2. Learn to say "No" and "Stop" when somebody is abusing your physical body.

    3. Hold someone's hand for at least 3 minutes, once a week.

    4. Ask for a holding twice a week from a trusted friend, 15 minutes minimum.


    Human beings (and I am suspicious it is true for any living thing) we cannot actually survive without touch. Ready this article about an experiment depriving babies of all unnecessary touch, which resulted in half of them dying.

    Create Your Own Physical Body Edgework Experiments

    Physical Body Edgework Experiment includes exercise, how you groom yourself, how you move, how you stand or sit, the timing of your actions, how you breathe, learning physical skills such as balancing, centering, using tools and equipment, engaging in new physical intimacies such as travel to different cultures, wearing different clothing, dancing, swimming, sporting skills, gardening, hiking, health treatments, fasting, and meditation.

    Create your own experiment and submit them to login@startover.xyz so we can add a matrix code to your experiment.

  • 2. Edgework Experiment


    Intellectual Body: Expanding Your Ability to Ask Questions (5BODIESx.07)

    In school, we have learn to memorize THE RIGHT ANSWER. The only right answer is the answer the teacher wants. Our homework has been about learning the answer of the teacher.

    We have also been taught to not ask dangerous question that the adults didn't know the answer too - unfortunately those adults have been to school too and not knowing is the greatest offense. As children if we put them in that situation, we are considered as persecutor and quickly punished for insolence.


    We have been trained 'out' of asking questions. Questions are doorways to unknown territories. They are doorways to the expansion of your mind and therefore the expansion of your Box. Therefore, we have to train ourselves again to notice the questions that we want to ask, and ask them even (especially!) if they are dangerous for our Box.


    Before asking any questions, figure out 3 different ways to ask the same question. Then ask all three but one at a time. Ask the first question, wait for the answer. Then ask your second question and wait for the answer. And again ask your third question and wait for the answer. Notice the different kind of answers that you get for each question.


    For example, your question is about eating out tonight.

    Question #1: "Can we eat out tonight?"

    Question #2: "Would you let me treat you to a small feast tonight in my company?"

    Question #3: "Dear Queen, would you make me the gift of your presence tonight for a dinner out?"

    Intellectual Body: Write Song and Poems (5BODIESx.08)

    Poems and songs comes out of particular states.

    States of longing.

    States of loss.

    States of grieving.

    States of wonder.

    States of gentle celebration.

    States of harvest.

    States of enchantment.


    Those states are not indication that you are broken or that something is wrong with you. Those are human states of inner movement and transformation. They bring an enormous amount of clarity, inspiration and information to be shared with others.

    Intellectual Body: Keep Yourself Informed (5BODIESx.09)

    As the Planet Earth and its ecosystem is collapsing, our Box will be tempted to deny it or distract ourselves from reality.

    Keeping yourself inform about the state of the world by :

    - Reading websites - recommended: Paul Cherufka Approaching the Limits

    - Listen to videos - recommended: Deep Green Videos by Derek Jensen, Extinction Rebellion YouTube channel

    - Watching documentaries and dramatized documentaries : One list here, and another here.

    - Reading books - recommended: High Noon by JF Rischard

    - Listen to podcast- recommended: The Poetry of Predicament

    Create Your Own Intellectual Body Edgework Experiments

    Intellectual Edgework Experiments include studying wildly new topics, researching areas not explored before, expanding your vocabulary or languages, experiencing new levels of clarity or confusion, expressing yourself in words, sharing of core understandings, playing games, exploring entertainment and media, creating poetry or theatrical pieces, expanding your abilities to improvise, going beyond knowing into being okay with not knowing and still taking responsibility and being able to commit to producing an outcome, mixing with others of widely differing professions or backgrounds, extending your abilities to ask dangerous questions, and letting others ask you dangerous questions.

    Create your own experiment and submit them to login@startover.xyz so we can add a matrix code to your experiment.

  • 2. Edgework Experiment


    Emotional Body: Let Your Heart Speak (5BODIESx.10)

    Emotional Body: Let Your Dragon Speak (5BODIESx.11)

    Emotional Body: Hold Space for Completing Incomplete Emotion (5BODIESx.12)

    When you have started your own initiation in feeling, you have become a spaceholder for other people to express their feelings and emotions.

    It is a service - and a very needed one - to offer a space place for people to complete incomplete emotions from their past.

    Being born in modern culture, we have been violated in our 5 bodies and that has left scar of incomplete emotions that are holding us back being who we really are. There is no space in modern culture - no doctor, no lawyer, no teachers, etc...- offer that space.

    Invite 10-15 people, each giving a donation 10-15E for a 2 hour session. This is already 100-150E, do this twice a week and you can start retracting yourself from your corporate job.

    Create Your Own Emotional Body Edgework Experiments

    Emotional Edgework Experiments include: explorations of what makes you afraid, angry, sad or glad – from the past, the present or the future – whether alone or with somebody else – male or female, young or old; consciously experiencing and expressing zero to one-hundred-percent feeling intensity compared to unconsciously experiencing and expressing Low Dramas; learning the distinctions of feelings vs. thoughts, feelings vs. emotions, starting and stopping feelings, where are you mixing feelings and thus creating depression, despair, sentimentality, hysteria, schadenfreude, or adrenaline rushes.

    Create your own experiment and submit them to login@startover.xyz so we can add a matrix code to your experiment.

    SPARK 165: Admitting that you have clear impulses of anger, fear, sadness, and joy makes you an agent of change. (SPARK165.00)

    Experiment SPAR165.01: ENTER THE PRESENT by minimizing your Now

    Experiment SPAR165.02: ENTER THE PRESENT by minimizing your Here

    Experiment SPAR165.03: ENTER THE PRESENT by putting your attention on your attention

    Experiment SPAR165.04: ENTER THE PRESENT by noticing that you are breathing

    Experiment SPAR165.05: ENTER THE PRESENT by noticing what is your purpose


    Experiment SPAR165.06: FOLLOW SOME IMPULSES by standing in the clarity of the New Thoughtmap of Feelings.

    Experiment SPAR165.07: FOLLOW SOME IMPULSES by lowering your numbness bar and experiencing feelings and emotions lower than 10%.

    Experiment SPAR165.08: FOLLOW SOME IMPULSES by detecting whether it is a feeling or an emotion.

    Experiment SPAR165.09: FOLLOW SOME IMPULSES by admitting that you have feeling impulses.

    Experiment SPAR165.10: FOLLOW SOME IMPULSES by trusting life more than you trust modern culture's programming

  • 2. Edgework Experiment


    Energetic Body: Go On a Roller Coaster Ride (5BODIESx.13)

    What has roller coaster ride anything to do with energetic body?! It has to do with your center.

    You have a physical center that is your center of gravity and you have an energetic center that is the point of origin of your powers. Being centered is placing your energetic center on your physical center.

    One way to experience your center is to move is around, for example, on a roller coaster. It goes like this.

    Choose a roller coaster. On the first ride, place your energetic center on your physical center. Split part of your attention to keep your energetic center there.

    You might feel a little dizzy after the first ride.

    Take a little break. Go walk around.

    Go for a second ride. On the second ride, place your energetic center 20 to 30 meters in front of the wagon. Use part of your attention to keep it there the entire ride.

    Notice what happens.

    You might experience that during the first ride, the roller coaster was going to fast, you might felt sick, you might be making a promise to never go back on a roller coaster ever again. I recommend to do the second ride, otherwise you might never go back on a roller coaster again indeed.

    During the second ride, what you might experience is that the roller coaster is not going fast enough. Why? Because your center is way in front of it and the wagon is never catching up to your center. You might be thinking "come on, come on, faster, faster, this is not scary at all"

    Energetic Body: Clean Up (5BODIESx.14)

    What we possess are part of our energy field: we have to buy them, care for them, find a place where to put them, move them, etc... In the Mayan culture, their language reveals that things do not belong to us human, we belong to things.

    Possessions either give us energy or take our energy. Possessions goes from house, car, beds, clothes, shoes, jewellery, glasses, cutlery to paintings, plants, tables, food in our cupboards, vases, towels, books, CD,... to postcards from 20 years ago, school records, diplomas, photos albums, presnts... but also any kind of pets like dogs, cats, fish, birds, ...


    Make two lists:

    1. One of the possession that gives you energy - that could be precious stones, object that contains high energies, your archetypal lineage talisman, your possibility stone, certain books, your bed (gives energy to your physical body), table (gives energy to your physical and emotional body), etc...

    2. One of the possessions that takes your energy - that could be a jewellery that your parents gave you as being your son or daughter (the jewellery then keeps you locked into the identity of being a son or daughter, instead of being you), clothes that you do not wear but still have to choose from (notice how Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckenberg always wear the same clothes: one less decision to make and they can direct their attention on something else), plastic junk (toys, cutlery, festival bracelets, ...), postcards from 10 or 20 years ago, school certificates, books that you will never read, your wedding presents, etc...

    Every object holds a certain type of energy. It could be that most object in your possessions are reminiscence of your past identities (child, married, being a father, being a mother, being daughter, ...). For example, a 53 years old woman was still wearing the ring that her parents had given her on her 18th birthday. When we pointed out to her, she had them cut off (they couldn't slide anymore).


    Those possessions weigh in your energetic baggage. Transformation happens more easily when you baggage are light because transformation requires taking right angle turns at light speed.


    The experiment is get ride of them. One by one. At market fair, in give-away boxes, have a party and tell your friends to take what they want and give what they want in return, throw them in the rubbish, to the Salvation Army, ...


    Notice how your energy field is changing when you get ride of every object. You might find yourself lighter, less tired, less held back.


    Make time and space to grieve getting ride of those object - whether it is in your Possibility Team or with a friend. You are also letting go of past identities. One possibility is to say what you loved about those past identities and how you grew out of them, where did you evolve.

    Energetic Body: Being Vulnerable (5BODIESx.15)

    This experiment is best done in pairs, either in the privacy of your own home or your Possibility Team.

    Make time for 20 min space without distraction.

    Sit across from your partner either in chair, on the floor or on a couch.

    One person will speak for 5-6 min, and the other person will just listen.

    The speaker, you get a chance to have another consciousness listening to you without judgment, criticism or logic about your sharing.

    - Share about your day, without inviting Low Drama.

    - Share about your feelings, without inviting Low Drama.

    - Complain consciously, start by saying "I will complain for 2 minutes".

    - Share about your dreams

    Hint: if this is unusual for you, you can start with "Right now, I feel mad, glad, sad or scared because..." and let something else speak.


    After 6 minutes (the listener is the keeper of the time), come to a full stop. Take 3 breath together. Speaker, you shift into being the listener, take the watch and invite the listener to become the speaker.

    At the end, no need to analyze or try to understand or find solution. Just say "Thank you to each other".


    Do this twice a week until it becomes a habit.

    Create Your Own Energetic Body Edgework Experiments

    Energetic Edgework Experiments include speaking, creating alone or with groups – such as artistic or practical (or combined) design and construction; teamwork; management skills; communication skills; experiencing and expressing your destiny Principles; practices that build matrix; examination of where you are placing your attention and for what purpose; observing where you are flowing your energy or absorbing energy and for what purpose; seeing how responsible can you be and with what new area; accessing how accountable, how much integrity, which of your possessions consume your energy and which of them give you energy; examining the placement of your possessions in your living and working spaces; creating art, appreciating art; noting what spaces you can enter; seeing what spaces you can create and then destroy or can destroy and then can recreate; involvement in evolutionary environments such as talks, workshops, and trainings.

    SPARK 73 (SPARK073.00): You are not looking for something. You are looking for energetic food.

    You think that you are looking for something. Your best guess is that you can find what you are looking for in the doctor’s office, in politics, in religion, in the used bookstore, in your partner, in e-bay, in the refrigerator, in Las Vegas, in the cinema, in the stranger’s eyes on the street, etc. But you may not be looking for a thing. You may actually be looking for food, energetic food.



    How much are you involved with mass-marketed standard energetic food from
    modern culture?

    How much are you involved with more rarified and refined energetic food from
    modern culture?

    How much are you involved with energetic foods that come from outside of modern culture?

    How much are you involved with generating your own energetic food by placing
    yourself in a position where it is necessary for you to provide food for others?

    Find examples of each of the four kind of energetic food in SPARK 73.

  • 2. Edgework Experiment


    The Archetypal Body is a medium to embody the archetypal forces and characters that are available at any given moment for us to give life to. American Indian traditions consider that the job of human beings is to make life live, and to make it that it keeps living beyond our time.

    What does it mean to make life live?

    It means to embody the archetypal forces and characters that are part of the structure of the Universe but who cannot speak and move because they do not have a body, or hands or a voice to speak with. They need us for that. When we become their voices and hands we feed them the delight of the human life on Earth.

    What if it works?

    Archetypal Body: Become GAIA (5BODIESx.16)

    Lay in the ground, whether it is grass, soil, sand, rock be it natural ground (not a towel, pavement or manufactured wood).

    Lay there for a while, eyes closed, without getting lost in the stories of your mind.

    Lay there and breath. Center yourself, declare a grounding cord between your center and the center of Gaia, and your personal bubble of space.

    Archetypal Body: Take a Stand for the Stand that you Take (5BODIESx.17)

    Archetypal Body: Walk As An Archetypal Character (5BODIESx.18)


    Pirate Sorceress Warrioress Queen Goddess Woman


    Pirate Magician King Spiritual Warrior Man

    Create Your Own Archetypal Body Edgework Experiments

    Archetypal Edgework Experiments includes create new ways to celebrate Gaia, and each of Her facets,

  • 3. Creating Intimacy in each of the 5 bodies

    Physical Body

    Physical intimacy is sex, foreplay (what isn’t foreplay?), singing, eating, washing dishes, walking holding hands, sauna, sports such as: roller-skating, biking, tennis, skiing, swimming, etc., martial arts, dancing, massage, doing holdings, physical therapy, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, cutting their fingernails, bathing them, dressing them, a private fashion show, traveling, making art, body painting, gardening, playing with the children, action games such as charades, going to the zoo, remodeling the house, and so on.

    Intellectual Body

    Intellectual intimacy is talking, discussing, philosophizing, debating, writing poetry, writing proposals, running a business, meeting, planning, strategizing, designing, creating, learning (such as languages), playing games (cards, chess, Scrabble, 20 Questions), entertainment (opera, theater, concerts, shows, movies), museums, circus, reading articles out loud, telling stories, telling jokes, humor, sharing memories, creating possibilities, and so on.

    Emotional Body

    Emotional intimacy is sharing the experience and the expression of feelings with 1000% trust, saying “I feel mad, sad, glad or scared because…,” vulnerability, openness, acceptance, deep listening without discussion, grieving, contact, simplifying, revealing wounds, sensitivity, warmth, compassion, generosity, kindness, weakness, confusion, depression, jealousy, ecstasy, joy, delight, passion, and so on.

    Energetic Body

    Energetic intimacy is being present, “Being-With” the other, prayer, ritual, meditation, appreciation, being in the presence of saints or sacred artifacts, respect, dignity, nobility, being in the Space of Love, moving at the speed of Love, communion, oneness, Countenance, evolution, transformation, development, expanding the Box, radiance, teamwork, family, community, Holding Space, serving Bright Principles as a couple, and so on.

    Archetypal Body

    Archetypal intimacy is creating and holding space for a gameworld in which both your Archetypal Lineages and Bright Principles are doing their work in the world, writing a book together that are serving the Bright Principle of Archetypal Love, delivering trainings, workshops, single coaching for the evolution of consciousness, creating space in which Archetypal Love is experienced and expressed for no reason, countenance, and so on.

  • 4. 5 Body Intimacy Journeys